Jordan What is Kanon Muscle Therapy?
Kanon stands for Kinetically Activated Nerve Organ Normalization. Developed by Dr. Thomas Griner in the 1960's and 70's, it is the action of rebooting the muscle to default settings. Dr Griner took a scientific approach, looking at the physiology of muscles through the mind of an engineer. He created the Signature Biopulser as well as the precise hand technique to accompany the vibrational stimulation of the Biopulser, resulting in the reversal of the neurophysiology process that causes our muscles to be in a state of spasticity.

When we experience pain in our bodies it is caused by the muscle being held in a permanent state of contraction. This irritates the peripheral nerves and causes pain in the body due to the overly contracted spastic hypertonic muscles. When we have a healthy muscle, it is soft at rest, therefore allowing the nerves to freely communicate with the cerebellum and pass nerve pulses without interruption. When a muscle has too much tone (resting tension), it compromises the nerves and will bring on a vast number of problems such as, numbness, tingling, carpal tunnel, sciatica, cricks in the neck, neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis and body misalignment just to name a few.

Kanon gets to the root of the issue that causes pain. Our body is comprised of two thirds muscle, yet most medical professionals do not recognize that our bodies are in pain from the simple fact that we have tight, overtoned, overused hypertonic muscles that irritate our delicate nervous system. Unfortunately we are prescribed drugs or surgeries that do not help or make the problem worse. The simple conclusion is to treat the muscle itself.

Are you suffering or in pain?
If you are reading this, you are more than likely experiencing some degree of pain or issue in the body and searching for something to make it go away so you can live a healthy normal life. Most people (including the medical professionals) do not look into why they are in pain. Doctors specialize in pathologies, but there are no muscle specialist dedicated to the day to day aches and pains. There are generalizations made such as, arthritis, herniated discs, allergies, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia or plantar fasciitis. It groups your symptoms into a nice little package in order for a drug to be prescribed or a surgery performed. Let's take a step back and understand why you are in pain.

Tone = Resting Tension
First of all we need to understand the definition of "tone". Living in Los Angeles, this word may have a distorted definition for many people. Tone actually means "resting tension" or "the amount of contraction that remains when our muscles are relaxed". More importantly it holds your skeleton together while we are at rest. Our bodies house a certain amount of tone or resting tension that makes us look the way we do. Unfortunately we fight to gain strength the wrong way through exercise and working our bodies in an unnecessary way. We can also irritate and create more tone in our muscles by going to the chiropractor or getting massages. All of these things will result in more tone or resting tension, creating endorphins in our bodies and eventually leading us right back to the to pain we started with! Sadly most of the time we are responsible for creating our own problem of hypertonic spastic muscles.

Here is the problem...
Your cerebellum controls the involuntary tone in our bodies. It is receiving constant feedback from the tiny nerve organs distributed throughout the skeletal muscles called muscle spindles. When there is a breakdown in communication due to excess lactic acid, it will interfere with the feedback to the cerebellum. The cerebellum interprets this as the muscle losing tone. In turn, it orders more tone (resting tension) to the muscle, beginning a vicious cycle of spastic muscles.

About the treatment...
The Kanon treatment uses The Signature Biopulser as well as a precise hand technique designed to stimulate the muscles spindles and correct the malfunction of the feedback loop to the cerebellum. The treatment is done over clothing on either a massage table or chair. If you have any more questions or would like to make an appointment please contact me.

Dr. Thomas Griner...
I have the honor and privilege to study under the creator of Kanon Biocybernetics. To read more about him and his work please see the websites and articles below.
The Big Picture of Physical Activity (PDF)