Jordan Welcome to Restore Muscle + Movement.

Our desire is to give you the tools to live better in your own body, gaining strength, flexibility and longevity.

The style is unique in that we look at every body, every muscle, every movement as a puzzle that has to be balanced and work together for a long time to come. We are not exercise instructors; we are teachers who look at what your body needs to be stronger, healthier, stable and centered.

We believe in and teach functional movement. What is the purpose of "working out" when patterns remain the same in your body and in your everyday life? We help to set new patterns in your body that will change the way you look, feel and function. Whether your complaint is low back pain, lose the belly, or want to have better posture. We have worked with people from all age groups and have the knowledge, experience and most of all passion to see your body change!

Pilates can be broken down into 2 simple concepts - "uniform use of your body" and "breathing". These concepts are what will keep you strong throughout your entire life. Pilates is something you will never have to give up, we teach you how to keep the patterns in your life forever. When you work at Restore you will discover that Pilates is a life style of healthy movement!

Introductory Assessment Session: $45*
Assessment of Posture
Muscle Imbalances

*This is a complete Pilates workout to give you a feel for the the studio and teacher. It allows us to "get to know each other" and meet all of your Pilates goals.

Single and Packages
Single lesson: $95
Five: $88
Ten: $85
Twenty: $80