After a recent trip to Yosemite, the first thing I said when I saw Jordan, was "Thank you for my body - everything worked!!" I love to take long walks and I love to hike. Also, I'm a school teacher and am on my feel a lot. Before beginning Pilates the kanon sessions with Jordan, I had frequent low back pain with any kind of prolonged activity - strenuous or not. I also had a lot of foot pain due to surgery that left terrible scar tissue and immobility of toe joints. Although I was such a skeptic about the kanon method, it has been a wonder - the scar tissue on my toe joints has begun to heal, I have much better mobility, I'm able to wear normal shoes again. In Yosemite, I hiked, swam, climbed rocks - no pain anywhere! I'm so thrilled to have found Jordan. She is so talented, caring, and loving - a true healer.


Not only have I been a client of Jordan's for several years but, as a physician, I have referred several patients to her and I can truly say her work is nothing short of miraculous!!! Her approach to pilates is patient, committed, and individualized, which makes for a great pilates experience for anyone interested. My own pilates experience with her has really helped me maintain a healthier body and reduce the frequency of my back pain. However, for the occasions when I do suffer acute back pain, Jordan's kanon work has given me relief almost immediately. Her work in this area is quite unique and should be considered by anyone suffering from musculoskeletal pain. Jordan and her work at Restore Pilates have my highest recommendation and utmost support!!!

Dr. Krohn

The results are in and Pilates is also an inside job! I recently had my yearly physical and my doctor was amazed. I have been working with Jordan once a week for a little over a year and despite parathyroid surgery, 60+, and post menopausal, my hip bone density has increased by 2.4% with no other medical intervention. The right teacher, educated body movement and consistency really made a difference in health, movement and attitude! Thanks Jordan, you are the best of the best.